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Christa had a tough job this month. There were so many outstanding entries. A BIG THANK YOU  goes to for doing a stellar job. We look forward to having her return to Picture This!!  Fran Sorin

Without further ado,  this is what Christa has to say:

“The results are in–Judging this competition was hard, there were so many beautiful entries. Thank you everyone, for participating.” Christa

HONORABLE MENTIONS….chosen for each category

Vivid spots of color to squirrel away

Vivid, Vibrant color, his composition and use of texture makes it feel like the aster is in motion.

This image really makes me smile. I love the horizon of sky and grasses in the background, and the way the petals are proudly reaching out to us. Beautiful color combos. This is really pretty. This great use of color.

Shoot Tight

This is Dr. Seuss like. I love the texture of this fading clematis. This is a celebration of a season change. A new stage of beauty for a once blooming plant. And good texture!

Shoot Low

This is a lovely combination of color and texture. What a fun photo! I love the muted tones and all of the different greens in the photo.

Take a mid-range shot

This is such a beautiful, peaceful image. I love the triumphant seed head at the top of the photo. It’s lovely. I love the framing too, the way the stems gracefully gather in the frame. I keep going back to look at the lines and details. This is interesting too because it has a macro shot feel without being a close up. What a great end-of-season photo.

This image is beautiful. It almost looks like the flowers are at a dance. There are so many nice shapes in the photo, and I love the play between light and shadow.

Play in the rain, or after it

I love the sharp detail in this image, and the color on the fly. Nice capture of light and rain. Even the little fly looks refreshed.

Harvest Something

Yellow is a color I have trouble photographing. Nice play of shadows in the image—it really brings out so many different amber and gold tones. Such a nice mood in this photo. It will really keep you warm on a grey winter day.

This is lovely image processing. There’s a beautiful mood in this image—and of course, nothing beats a good mason jar!




Please return to the Gallery Page to see Onenezz’ photo. For whatever reason, my computer won’t allow me to copy her content

My photo professor used to tell me to think about lighting, mood and moment. This is an amazingly calm moment in the garden. I love the water in this image, and the graceful drinking hornet. Wow. If we put this in a layout, we might crop the right side of the photo, and take out the greenery, so your eye really goes to the hornet and the gentle water ripples. Well done.




This is clean and simple and beautiful. The petal pattern and the different oranges and yellows are really lovely. So is the hint of pale blue sky. My favorite part of the photo is the petal on the left that is worn, or maybe that is the bright part of the sun showing through. Reminds me of comfortably worn sheets on a clothesline. We’ve seen lots of photos of the backs of sunflowers. I’ve actually taken a few myself this summer but never thought of cropping/framing it this way. The link to this photo is up in the background of my desktop as I work. I would frame this. Stunning.

BENJAMIN, you not only win The Picture This Gold Medal Award but you have won a pair of gloves of your choice from . Contact me at [email protected] with your mailing address and I will send onto Angela. A big thank you to Kara of Angela’s Garden. To see September’s Picture This original post, click here.

Be on the look out everyone! October’s contest will be rolling out some time this week. We have one of your favorite photographers making a repeat performance!  If you want to enjoy a feast for the eyes, check out past                Picture This Galleries.

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