Water Conservation: What Do You Really Think?

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Having just returned from a trip to Israel, I am struck with how Israelis don’t take water for granted. This tiny country, which is primarily situated on arid land and dependent on the Sea of Galilee for its major source of water, is a bastion of luscious flora. And a majority of the vegetation is done with drip irrigation : few overhead sprinklers or ‘water at your pleasure’ policies exist here. Nope! Because water is so very scarce, Israelis have always been respectful of their limited resources. Do they have their own water conservation problems? You bet. But they have minimally been aware of it for decades and have created and continue to create infrastructures to deal with this ongoing issue.

From the southern deserts of Israel where I have seen roses being grown for export to the North in the Galilee where acres of lush banana trees are bursting with fruit, Israelis have shown tremendous talent and ‘know how’ in squeezing the most out of an undesirable piece of topography. They have created a land exploding with fruits, vegetable and roses for export and for themselves. And all with a minimal amount of water.

I’d like to hear from my fellow bloggers on the issue of water conservation. Do you think it’s a highly overrated topic? How do you deal with watering your own garden? Are you incensed when you read that the Southeast may experience a real shortage of water within the next 30-90 days if they don’t receive a significant amount of rainfall? Or is it just another ‘ho hum’ story for which you have little concern?

I dare any of you to be honest about your real thoughts on water conservation. How much and how often do you actually water your garden and lawn? Don’t be shy! Political correctness is passe’!

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Fran Sorin

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Fran Sorin

Fran Sorin

Fran Sorin
Fran Sorin

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