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Comcast camping adI opened my morning newspaper (yes, dating me…) and felt sick.  Not because of global wars, ebola, climate change, or because the Giants had lost to the Dodgers.

The full page ad on the back of Section A is from NBCUniversal and Comcast, my local cable giant, proudly announcing they are “bringing media and technology together to connect you in more places than you ever thought possible”.  To kids camping in a tent ?!

I am  a professional photographer.  I have been writing here at KapliPRO for 7 years using the tag ‘The camera always lies”.  I know the power of a photo to tell a story that embellishes text.  Hell, my last post here was on how I photographed a new rose introduction for a corporate client to embellish sales.

But Comcast could not have paid me enough to shoot his ad.  I say this from the bottom of my heart – no amount of money.

This is wrong.  Its obscene.  This is not the image of camping and enjoying the outdoors that should appear anywhere except in derision.


Commercial photo shoot promoting herbs.

I know times have changed.  We are connected in miraculous ways: right now as you read this.  I use Comcast every day.  This post is uploaded through their high speed modem in my office that brings the internet to anywhere I sit.  Their cable brings the Giants game to the TV in the house.

I am glad media connects me to more places than I thought possible, but this image is about kids outdoors, and telling families this media absorption while camping is OK.  The caption may say: “What’s possible when Wi-Fi   is in more places ?  –  Front Row – In the Backyard” but that’s not the scene I see.  This is a subtle attack on kids and how they enjoy the outdoors.  Comcast surely doesn’t intend the ad this way and very likely doesn’t get that they don’t get it.  But they got me.

Comcast camping ad

This does not promote healthy entertainment, backyard fun, or family values for any family I know.

Many, many accomplished writers, child psychologists, outdoor advocates, and cultural trend watchers decry pervasive media in the lives of children.

American Academy of Pediatrics Media and Children

Children Now – Media’s Impact

Waldorf – How Media affects children You Tube

I am preaching to the choir here to those who read a gardening blog, and I can’t say it better than the experts, but when I see egregious examples media gone wrong, I think it must be pointed out. I want to take action.  I am an outdoorsman, a gardener, a media person.  I want to somebody…

I am sending this post to J.T Ramsay  who, according to Comcast corporate website is “Chief Blogger” and Cory Shields, Executive Vice President, Communications — NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group.

I will say:  “Please save the outdoors.  Free children from media anytime, anywhere.” Please take action yourself.

I planned this post, ‘Time for Action’, to be about fall planting, the best time of the year to plant new trees, shrubs, and perennials.  Time to garden.  The morning newspaper change my day.

And now get out into your own garden.  And don’t watch a video about how to do it …  Do it.  Take your kids. Take back the outdoors from the cable company.

holt_409_0218.tif 410-204 Tulip Festival, Skakgit Valley


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