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Those of you who pay close attention to your blog stats may have noticed some unusual activity in your archives recently. That was probably me. For the past few weeks, I’ve been power-lurking through the garden blogosphere, rummaging through past posts, sorting through tags*, looking at your photos, and reading stuff that you’ve probably forgotten that you ever wrote. I’m pretty sure I put everything back  in its proper place, so maybe you didn’t even notice I was there, but now you know. And now you’ll know why: I was gathering links for our newest feature at KapliPRO: The Garden Bloggers’ Idea Gallery.

If you watch the lists of popular posts at , you know that entries about blogging are pretty much guaranteed to get a whole lot of picks. It’s not surprising, really. We gardeners have plenty of places to go to find inspiring ideas and helpful how-to information for our gardens, but where can we go when we want the same for our blogs? To our fellow garden bloggers, for the most part. So when they choose to tell us about their favorite photo-editing software or share what they think makes for a great garden blog, we’re eager to read what they have to say.

The trouble is, how do we ever find these posts again once they drop off of the “most popular” lineup? Who wrote about that fantastic new photo technique or reviewed that cool camera that you’re now considering buying? It’s a pity that these gems get lost in archives scattered all over the place. Figuring that at least a few of you find this problem as  frustrating as I do, I decided to create a place to collect great blogging-related links so we can find them when we need them. I’m hoping that it will be useful to our newer garden-blogging buddies too.

The Garden Bloggers’ Idea Gallery will be a set of pages here at GGW. Here are the topics I’ve come up with so far:

I’ve fleshed out a few of those pages already, but there’s no way that I can find all of the great posts that are already out there (though I did try!), so I need input from all of you to make these resource pages as useful as possible. If you’ve written or bookmarked a post on a topic already included on one of these pages, leave a link on the appropriate page, and I’ll work it in. If you have an idea that I overlooked, make a suggestion. And if I’ve explained something poorly, included inaccurate information, or mistyped a hyperlink, don’t hesitate to tell me so.

My plan is to add the above pages gradually over the next few months. The first one, Garden Blog Projects, is ready for your perusal and open for your input now. It’s all text at the moment, but I’ll try to spruce it up with art or images at some point. As I add a new page every few weeks, I’ll announce that it’s live and ready for comments. (I might slip in some more pages sooner than that, so if you’re poking around the Gallery and find them, feel free to comment on them even though I haven’t announced them yet.) But for now, please check out Garden Blog Projects. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas for ways to spruce up your virtual garden while you’re taking a winter break from your real one.

*A side note: I send a virtual chocolate cupcake to all of you who make good use of categories and/or tags on your posts, and bonus sprinkles to those of you who include a search box widget in your sidebar. You have no idea how helpful that is to someone who drops in looking for the good stuff in your blog archives. I’ve set a new blog goal for myself because of this: going through my past posts at to add more, and more-useful, tags.

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Nan gardens on 4 acres in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In the firm belief that every garden ought to have a pretentious-sounding (or at least pretentious-looking) name, she refers to her home grounds as "Hayefield." There, she experiments with a wide variety of plants and planting styles, from cottage gardens and color-based borders to managed meadows, naturalistic plantings, and veggies--all under the watchful eyes of her two pet alpacas, Daniel and Duncan.
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