Picture This Photo Contest: A Reminder and Deadline

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As several of you already know, May’s Picture This Photo Contest is Containers. Our May judge and Regular Contributor for GGW, Steve Silk, has told you what he’s going to be looking for in a winning photograph. The contest ends at 12 midnight on Friday, May 22nd. So, for those of you who haven’t gotten your photo in yet, get a move on. Feel free to submit a photograph taken from past seasons. I know for several of you throughout the country (and world) that you’re just beginning to plant your containers. Don’t hedge on whether or not to participate. You never know if you’ll win unless you try! And even if you don’t win, your photo will be viewed ( and appreciated) by your peers in Steve’s  ’round up’  post announcing the winner on May 27th.


Most importantly is this month’s prize.  Catherine Renzi, the owner of  and a Guest Contributor on GGW, is offering the   It includes five plants selected from the following (depending on the time of year): Bee Balm, Blue Lobelia, Red Lobelia, Coral Bells, Columbine and Indian Pink. Catherine has also added a Lonicera sempervirens vine to the collection to make a total of six vibrant plants. This is a stupendous and diverse collection of native plants that are perfect for planting now and that will give you a series of blooms throughout much of the season.


When making a visit to Chanticleer last week, I couldn’t help but notice the types of containers, container groupings and plant material used to create outstanding containers. What became apparent to me as I meandered throughout the different themed gardens were certain elements that repeatedly caught my eye: repetition of identical containers and plant material in order to create a strong statement, groupings of containers so that a single container can be viewed within the context of a larger composition but can still be appreciated as a solo vignette up close, the scale of plantings in relationship to the scale of containers, solo containers positioned in a setting that allows them to shine, the use of different shapes, sizes and types of containers that helps in developing a noteworthy composition and the choice and combination of plant materials used to create a dazzling container.

chanticleer-formal-garden-flagstone-4-corner-pots-with-center-one-revisedIf you want to participate in this month’s Picture This Photo Contest, this is how to do it. Post your photo with a description of it on your blog and send us the link. Only one photo per person can be submitted. We cannot accept any e-mails with attachments: only links back to your blog where all of our readers will be able to check out your photo. Steve will analyze all photographs submitted and announce the winner on May 27th.

Join the fun and participate! You might be the one to win this mouth-watering Native Plant Collection from .

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Fran Sorin

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Fran Sorin

Fran Sorin

Fran Sorin
Fran Sorin

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