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'Australian Yellow' lettuce in early July and late July

Not much interest in gardening with edibles, apparently -or at least, a less-than-ideal season for the topic – so a brief final post for this month’s Design Workshop. Thanks to those who were able to share links, and to those who’ve been reading them. Maybe we’ll try this topic again during the next growing season!

Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop – Incorporating Edibles (Nan at KapliPRO): Kick-off post for this month’s topic.

(Liz Haegele at The Scott Arboretum’s Garden Seeds): If you’re looking to add a tree to your yard, why not choose one that’s edible as well as ornamental? Read about pawpaws, persimmons, and more!

 (Andrea at Heavy Petal): A fan of growing edibles, Andrea frequently writes about them on her blog. This post covers some of her favorite Asian vegetables that are both beautiful and edible, and she includes a recipe for Winter Melon Soup. In , she ponders which new veggies to try for this past growing season.

(Lois at Lois de Vries’ Garden Views): Read about some of Lois’ favorite edibles, including an interesting heirloom tomato variety and a really neat-looking winter squash.

(Frances at Fairegarden): Take a tour of the pretty herbs and veggies that grace the beds at Faire Garden.

(Heirloom Gardener): Looking for ways to get your little ones interested in gardening? Check out HG’s ideas for making veggie growing fun for all ages.

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