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Connecting with nature is something that most gardeners do naturally – at least while working in our gardens.

But how many of us take the time – on a daily basis- to have an interlude with nature in the world outside of our backyards?

I know that I can be as guilty as the next person of rushing through my day. Not stopping to notice the tree on the street ~ with its peeling bark or exposed root system tightly curling around the bottom of its trunk.

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What if you paused once a day to marvel at nature?

To breathe it into your soul?

To stand quietly and say ‘thank you’?

Do you think it would make a difference in how you feel?

You betcha. Since moving to the city 3 years ago, I ‘ve become more aware than ever of how cut off from nature we are.

As well as from other human beings.  But that’s for another time.

I observe people every day when I take my walk –  talking on or fidgeting with their cell phones – even while riding bicycles and jogging.

Hey – you may be thinking – THEY ARE IN NATURE. Isn’t that enough? Nope.

It’s better than not spending time outside at all. And the benefits accrued from exercise are significant.

But when I use the phrase connecting with nature, this translates into slowing down, observing, exploring, listening, being silent, touching, hearing, breathing deeply, smelling, and feeling grateful for its beauty and mystery.

If you take the time to connect with nature even 5 minutes a day, it can make a profound difference in your life.


Today is my birthday – my 60th – gulp (don’t tell anyone).

As I’ve gotten older, I’m less sure about many things that I thought to be truths several years ago.

But one thing that I unequivocally know is that nature needs to be etched into your soul in order to live a life of meaning – one filled with joy, creativity and dare I even say – rapture.

As several of you know, I’m not only a gardening professional. I’m also an Ordained Interfaith Minister and work with individuals on ‘digging deep‘ and getting to the essence of who they are through my Soul Tending practice.

One of the first questions I ask a client is if she spends time in nature.  And if so, how ~

Even when in great pain or confronting major obstacles, when she talks about nature, her tone of voice changes and her face softens


I have a Morning Routine  where I do some spiritual reading, writing, and meditate in order to help infuse myself with a sense of well being.

To be honest, there are just some days when no matter how many positive affirmations I do, they don’t do the trick.

I still feel a stirring of anxiety below the surface.

My solution? I open the door, walk  onto my rooftop garden, stand still, and just ‘be’ with nature.

Even when I’m outside for only a few moments, I continue my day in a state of gratefulness and peace.

That is the glorious power of nature.


NOW IT’S YOUR TURN. Share how and when you feel most connected with nature.

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Fran Sorin

Fran Sorin

Fran is the author of the highly-acclaimed book, Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening, which Andrew Weil, M.D., recommends as "a profound and inspiring book."  

A graduate of the University of Chicago with Honors in Psychology, she is also a gardening and creativity expert, coach, inspirational speaker, CBS radio news gardening correspondent, and Huffington Post Contributor.

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Fran Sorin
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