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I’ve always thought of Chicago as a great American city where urban greening, ecological landscaping, and beauty for beauty’s own sake matters.

The Lurie Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden, Chicago’s immense park system and green roof program are enough to make any nature lover’s heart sing with joy.

Chicago - City In Garden

Lurie Garden In Millenium Park

But when you add the magnificent containers, window boxes, hanging baskets, and island plantings on Michigan Avenue into the equation, then the motto, ‘Urbs in horto’, a Latin Phrase meaning city in a garden adopted by Chicago’s emerging government in the 1830s, not only has proven to be visionary but also hits the nail on the head.

**It is also the name of an excellent book –The City in a Garden: A Photographic History of Chicago’s Park

Below are some photos that I took while visiting last week. More to come later.

City Island Gardens

Island Plantings on Michigan Avenue


Gardens in The City

Exuberant Plantings In Millenium Park


Garden In The City

Cabbage on Steroids


Giant Mustard Leaves In Garden

Giant Mustard Leaves With Chrysanthemums in Garden Beds


Chasmanthium - In Chicago Garden

Chasmanthium latifolium in Lurie Garden


“I foresee a time, not very distant, when Chicago will need for its fast increasing population a park or parks in each division. Of these parks I have a vision. They are improved and connected with a wide avenue, extending to and along the lake shore on the north and the south, and surrounding the city with a magnificent chain of parks and parkways that have not their equal in the world.”  John Wright, Real Estate Speculator, 1849

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