A GGW Contest: Chrysanthemums vs. Asters

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I know, I know. I should leave ‘well enough’ alone. I was planning to. Last month I actually took some photos of both asters and chrysanthemums being sold at my local grocery store at 2 for $10.  I was going to send out a tongue in cheek reminder that you have a choice about which specimens you plan on using in your garden.  I was going to give asters a vote of confidence: I decided not to.

But today on my way home from doing some errands, I changed my mind. I couldn’t help but to notice a plethora of chrysanthemums in practically every yard. There seemed to be more of them than all of the McCain/Palin, Obama/Biden signs combined! And I couldn’t resist bringing up this subject one more time!

 As alot of you know from last year’s posts on this subject, http://kapli.pro/?p=220 and http://kapli.pro/?p=254, along with Nan’s post on chrysanthemums, http://kapli.pro/?p=324, I am a true lover of asters for the fall garden and think that they are a resilient, stand out perennial. I don’t have a tender place in my heart for chrysanthemums. 

But rather than waxing philosophically this year about asters, we’re offering you an opportunity to send in links with photos of your fall garden planted with either chrysanthemums or asters (or both).

Over the next couple of weeks, some of us GGW bloggers will confer and come up with a winner. As well, any of you, after looking at other bloggers’ photos, are welcome to write in and let us know who you think has come up with the most beautiful plantings for either of these 2 specimens. All opinions will be taken into consideration.

The winner will get bragging rights and a ‘shout out’ from us. And may even turn some of us aster diehards into lovers of chrysanthemums!!

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Fran Sorin

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Fran Sorin

Fran Sorin

Fran Sorin
Fran Sorin

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