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Pathways In The Garden….at Chanticleer

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Pathways are the unsung heroes of the garden; they lead us through a unique, sensory experience. They can set the mood for what lays ahead; adding a sense of mystery or opening up a landscape. When designed poorly, the garden feels disconnected and jerky.  But when executed well, one garden area flows seamlessly into the other, allowing the focus to be on the gardens, not on navigating through the landscape.

Chanticleer’s paths are an excellent example of being both utilitarian and beautifully designed; with the use of materials chosen with great care. On my latest visit a few weeks ago, I photographed paths in only a few garden areas as shown below.

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May 13, 2011-Chanticleer 017
View of entrance where the pot is placed….seen from the courtyard
May 13, 2011-Chanticleer 014
View of courtyard leading to house with paths on either side (not visible)

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Condolences For Everyone at Chanticleer

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Several of you are familiar with Chanticleer Garden because of its reputation as one of the greatest and ‘edgiest’ gardens in the U.S. Others of you have learned about Chanticleer due to our posting about it on GGW: and in recent months with Dan Benarcik joining our community.

That is why I feel compelled to share this news with you. In the past month, Chanticleer has been struck by two tragedies. First, the son of Peter and Gari Brindle ( Peter is the long time grounds manager at Chanticleer), Maxwell K. Brindle, was killed late last month or earlier this month while riding his bike home one night. I am told that he was 19 years old. And just a week ago, a gardener who began working at Chanticleer while still in high school was killed while riding his motorcycle. His name is Harlon Morse and he was 23 years old.

I am asking, that if the spirit so moves you, that you use this space to post your condolences, thoughts and prayers for the families and for all of the folks at Chanticleer. This is a chance for the gardening community, wherever you live, to come together to express our sympathy to individuals who have suffered tremendous losses. I am also asking that you either cut and paste this post and place it on your blog or else put out a notice on your blog with a link back to GGW. I would like as many of us from the gardening blog community to send our thoughts to those in need. If you do decide to post this notice on your own blog, please let us know so that we can send the information on to the Executive Director at Chanticleer, Bill Thomas.

I do believe in the power of prayer and love. Thank you for participating.

12 Tips on How To Use Color Effectively In The Garden

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Color In the Gardene

Color In the Gardene

There are several elements that make up a well thought out landscape: they include structure, shape, texture, scent, and movement. But for the majority of us home gardeners, the first element we take into consideration when designing our own personal paradise is color.

Thanks to renowned garden authors like Penelope Hobhouse, who wrote Color In Your Garden,  Rosemary Verey, author of Making of A Garden, and Christopher Lloyd’s Gardening Year, (just to name a few), I became enthralled with color in the garden when I first became a passionate gardener in the late 80s. Although I had worked with design and colors for several years in other arenas, learning how to use it effectively in the landscape was something all together different.

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